The Carriage Museum is situated in a heart of lovely village of Cechy pod Kosirem – Czech Republic.. a map + GPS. The collection of the museum includes for about a hundred of carriges as well as the most beautiful lanterns to see, the clothes for lances, carriage harnesses exposed on the horse models and many others. In the collection you can also discover the largest funeral carriage built by Brozik company and a huge historical gold carriage of Olomouc’s archbishop. The Carriage Museum organises many events during whole year but the biggest and the most famous one is called Josefkol. Josefkol is ment to be an exceptional meeting of craftsmen of the wheelbarrow, masters of carriages and of the retreats. In the beautiful parc of the village is also located a newly restored château of the Tarouches family. Next interesting point of your trip could also be a known lookout tower situated 2,5 km from the museum or the Firemen’s Museum which is just in the neighborhood.