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Message of the Josefkol 2017

An event that came to the public awerness under the title of Josefkol, is already the 10th anniversary and it takes place in days of the 22nd and 23rd of July 2017 in parc of Chechy pod Kosirem chateau.

Right now, we are carefully preparing this jubilee year with a magnificent historical scene of the eighteenth century with more than 150 performers.

The scene, which takes place in a picturesque park with memorial trees, with 50 horse-riding horses, equestrian horses and dozens of historic carriages, which will once again take off the park and inspire the wonderful atmosphere of the past. We will show you the noble equestrian horses, as well as carriage horses called "galacarosiers", as well as the most difficult stallions in heavy carriages.

The best craftsmen of the Czech Republic, masters of crafts will let you enter into their art of processing various materials, steel, wood, glass, leather, textiles and wicker. Together, we can admire craftsmanship of these masters of crafts. And not only their skills but also the richness of our history that slowly and surely fades away.

The motto of this year's Josefkol is: "History returns to enrich the present." Our ancestors built their estates, farms, granaries, barns, schools, churches and inns, cultivated the land carefully and with love, and believed that they kept and transmitted the message to future generations.

This year, Josefkol discovers a personality, a man who left a notable trace in our country, a man who was a confessor of Maria Theresa, a man who became a protector of Germany, received the title Cardinal, and on August 26, 1747, he was the first who arrived to Olomouc city to introduce the golden carriage.

Till today there are three golden coaches, a heritage of immense value. We will commemorate the 270th anniversary of the solemn entrance of Cardinal Ferdinand Julius Troyer from the Troystein in the procession of the pedestrians as well as and the artillery guard, the falconers, the noblemen, the carriages, but also the best craftsmen and their children involved in repairing historic carriages.

A rich and original program divided into several scenes will allow the large public, but especially families with children, to look into an ancient history that enriches our present day and reminds us of our roots and traditions. During whole two days you will be accompanied by a beautiful stage music expressing the dramatic moments of people's lifes, as well as stories full of faith, hope and love.

Singer Richard Pachman will express the atmosphere with his voice too.

To the conlusing I would love to thank all the people who  visited our museum itself or Josefkol event and thus support the craft, craftsmen, trainees from all over our country and abroad.

Josefkol is also prepared in cooperation with the Museum of History in Olomouc, the Cechy pod Kosirem Chateau and Cechy pod Kosirem town.

Our special thanks go to our partners, patrons who support us, especially the Region of Olomouc and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, to their representatives for many years of trust and help in an inimitable event such as Josefkol is.

With respect on behalf of the Museum of Historical Carriages,

Václav Obr.